Monday, 31 March 2014


Bosannya . I wish saya ada adik now . 
Adik perempuan . 
Im sure , we're gonna be best friend forever . 
Malangnya takde adik . 
huhu . 

Malangnya takde bestfriend . huhu . 
Ada blog je to tell , untuk story everything . Untuk meluahkan segala rasa .
Huhu . Nak tulis diary macam malas pulak nak menulis
memandangkan tulisan burok . kuikui . 

Allah , saya sedih . :( 
Can You please send me a bestfriend ? 
err .. 

The one who will listen to all my day to day story ,
The one that will laugh together with me . 
The one who will keep cheering me up whenever im upset
The one who will keep smiling whenever seeing me . 
The one who will comfort me with a hugs whenever im weak 
The one who will wipe my tear whenever im crying . 

Yes , yes . Husband . 
haha . 

Allah , 
can I own him ?
Who is him ? Where is him ? 
What should i do ? 
Stay and wait ? Find out myself or what ? 
Yes , yes i understand that we have qada and qadar 
I believe that all have been ditentukan . 
But , i understand that we should "usaha" to make it happen . 
So whats next ? What should i do ?
Show me . 

Yes , i wanna get married . 
No , its not because of gedik or what . 
Just , i really need somebody . 
Being alone, is suck . 

Yes , it suck actually . 
Can i own that "kebahagiaan" ? 

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